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Ingredients: Aubergines 54%, Tomato sauce 12%, Onion, Celery, Extra virgin olive oil, Green Olives, Vinegar, Capers, Sugar, Salt, Basil, Garlic, Pepper.

Products without added colorings, preservatives and artificial flavors

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Sicilian cuisine has its roots in the poor tradition, based above all on some typical ingredients like aubergines, tomatoes and basil, which are the undisputed protagonists of the caponata, the delicious side that conquers all .. These ingredients, already common to other typical recipes create a mix of perfumes, colors and flavors that recalls the suggestions of a splendid land. The extent of the surface of Sicily allows you to have many variations of the caponata. From province to province, but also from family to family, everyone has their own perfect recipe: with or without raisins, with or without tomato sauce … just move a few meters to discover an ever-changing caponata, but all with an unmistakable common denominator: the use of sweet and sour dressing, which gives vegetables a unique flavor. The aubergines of Casa Montalbano caponata are fried in extra virgin olive oil and the jars are filled manually to give you a product like home-made.

General product characteristics

Product name and designation: ideal as appetizer or side dish of roasted and braised.
Recommended method of preparation: Pour on and serve it as appetizer or side dish.
Best before date (when packed): 36 months
Dispatch period: 20 days

Products without added colorings, preservatives and artificial flavors
* Seasonal product.
Product availability while stocks last.

Technical informations of the products

Tare for each unit in: 290g


Calculating units for each pallet: 720 pieces
Boxes for each layer: 12 pieces
Number of layers for each pallet: 10
Calculation units of each box: 6 pieces
Boxes for pallet: 120
Description of pallet protection: Stretch film.

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