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Ingredients: Sicilian chickpeas, water, salt.

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The chickpea pasha is one of the most ancient and used legumes in the Middle and Far East; the name itself evokes the Arabic atmosphere in which it has its roots. The chickpeas are born in the Sicilian hinterland and are still cultivated today all over Sicily.
The Sicilian Chickpeas of Casa Montalbano have a delicate and versatile flavour that can be combined with different dishes. They are in fact ideal for soups, salads.  They are also excellent with fish.

Chickpeas are an excellent source of protein and mineral salts.

Chickpeas are also used in a typical Sicilian recipe. Chickpeas.

La cuccìa, a dish based on wheat and chickpeas, belongs to the Sicilian tradition and is eaten on December 13th to honour Saint Lucia.
Legend has it that on 13th December 1646 a ship loaded with wheat landed in the port of Palermo, which put an end to the serious famine that had brought the Sicilian people to their knees.
On that occasion, to feed the population, the wheat was not ground but boiled and consumed immediately. Since then, every 13th December, to honour Saint Lucia, the Sicilians remember the miracle by consuming the kennel, i.e. boiled wheat with chickpeas.

Originally the kennel was consumed simply seasoned with a drizzle of oil. Today it has become a delicious dessert with a spoon, and is seasoned with ricotta cheese, cream, honey, candied fruit and chocolate.

On this day, Sicilians traditionally do not eat wheat flour-based food, but cuccìa, arancine (made with rice) and panelle (made with chickpea flour).

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