Fresh Tomato Delight – Net W. 17,64Oz

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Ingredients: Tomato 99%, Basil,Salt.

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The genuine taste and firm consistency of the freshly picked and immediately processed fruits make the unmistakable tomato pulp of Casa Montalbano. We select the sunniest Sicilian tomatoes and the most fragrant fresh basil to guarantee your recipes the good taste of the past.

General product characteristics

Product name and designation: ready-made sauce for pasta.
Recommended method of preparation: Warm the sauce in a pan, pour directly on stir pasta and wait on.
Best before date (when packed): 24 months
Dispatch period: 20 days

* Seasonal product.
Product to availability while stocks last.

Technical informations of the products

Tare for each unit in: 205g


Calculating units for each pallet: 1152 pieces
Boxes for each layer: 24 pieces
Number of layers for each pallet: 6
Calculation units of each box: 6 pieces
Boxes for pallet: 144
Description of pallet protection: Stretch film.

Additional information

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