Sausage and Mushrooms Sauce – Net W. 10,53Oz

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Ingredients: Tomato sauce 67,2%, Sausage (pig meat , salt, pepper, wild fennel seeds) 3,4%, Mushrooms 13,4%, Extra virgin olive oil 2,5%, Onion, White Wine, Salt, Sugar, Garlic, Basil.

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The taste of fresh mushrooms meets the spicy flavor of the sausage made according to an authentic Sicilian recipe.

General product characteristics

Product name and designation: ready-made sauce for pasta.
Recommended method of preparation: Warm the sauce in a pan, pour directly on stir pasta and wait on.
Best before date (when packed): 24 months
Dispatch period: 20 days

* Seasonal product.
Product to availability while stocks last.

Technical informations of the products

Tare for each unit in: 205g


Calculating units for each pallet: 1944 pieces
Boxes for each layer: 18 pieces
Number of layers for each pallet: 9
Calculation units of each box: 12 pieces
Boxes for pallet: 162
Description of pallet protection: Stretch film.

Additional information

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