Tuna Fillets in Olive Oil – Net W. 19,04 Oz

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Ingredients: Tuna fillets 70%, olive oil 28.5%, salt.

Allergens: Fish (Tuna).

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Tuna is considered a blue fish. In particular, with the name “tuna” various species of the Scombridae family and of the Thunnus genus are grouped, such as: albacar tuna, albacares tuna (yellow fin), Atlanticus tuna, maccoyii tuna, obesus tuna, orientalis tuna, thynnus tuna (bluefin tuna ) and tonggol tuna.

It is a very valuable fishery product. It is not possible to breed it in captivity, so it is caught in the open sea or trapped in traps.

The tuna meat is very rich in essential fatty acids. It is a lean fish, rich in proteins with a high biological value and in omega 3.

Being a fish with excellent organoleptic and taste characteristics, tuna is very versatile in the kitchen, easy to prepare.
Tuna in oil is a preserve made from fresh tuna, which can also be used if necessary to season a cold pasta or a large salad.

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