Sicilian Artichokes in Extra Virgin Olive and Mint – Net W. 9,88 Oz (Drained W. 6 Oz)

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Ingredients: Sicilian Artichokes 61%, Oil extra virgin olive oil 37.5%, Garlic, Salt, Mint 0.2%, Oregano, Laurel, Chilli, Pepper. Flavored vinegar.

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Artichokes are herbaceous plants typical of the Mediterranean basin (in Italy, they are mainly found in Central and Southern Italy) and belong to the Asteraceae family.
Artichokes are vegetables whose inflorescences (immature flower heads, therefore harvested before their flowers bloom) and their stalks are mainly consumed.
Artichokes are vegetable foods but, unlike other vegetables, they contain more protein than carbohydrates; they are also foods with a high fibre content and a very low glycemic index.

Artichokes in oil are a traditional Sicilian recipe.
Preserves are prepared when the artichokes are in season. Harvesting takes place from the end of November until April.
Artichokes in oil are an excellent side dish for our lunches or summer dinners. They can be added to a salad or eaten alone for a delicious appetizer, or used to stuff sandwiches and focaccia.

In the kitchen time is a key element but often it is necessary to be multitasking: many friends at dinner, many dishes to prepare at the same time and no one who is ever around to help out! Then discover Casa Montalbano’s appetizers which are easy, quick and excellent to eat.

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