Sicilian Meat Sauce – Net W. 10,58Oz

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Ingredients: Tomato sauce 64%, Milled pig meat and milled beef meat in variable proportions 19%, Pea, Extra virgin olive oil 2,5%, Rasin, Pine nuts, Onion, Carrots, Celery, Wine, Garlic, Salt, Sugar, Basil, Pepper, Herbs.


In Sicily, the baked pasta, rich, tasty and elaborate, a few decades ago, was par excellence the first course of important holidays.

A dish so delicious as to become part of the island’s literature: the pasta timbale that Tomasi di Lampedusa evokes in his famous novel “The Leopard” is famous.

Even today, due to the richness of its ingredients, its exceptional flavor, it has not lost its charm and we continue to prepare it on Sunday for the joy of young and old.

With the RAGU ’SICILIANO of Casa Montalbano it will be very easy and quick to prepare a delicious and delicious baked pasta just as per tradition. Just cook the pasta, season it with the ragù and add slices of horse cheese, boiled eggs and grated pecorino or according to the Parmesan taste, place in the pan and put in the oven.

General product characteristics

Product name and designation: ready-made sauce for pasta.
Recommended method of preparation: Warm the sauce in a pan, pour directly on stir pasta and wait on.
Best before date (when packed): 24 months
Dispatch period: 20 days

* Seasonal product.
Product to availability while stocks last.

Technical informations of the products

Tare for each unit in: 205g


Calculating units for each pallet: 1152 pieces
Boxes for each layer: 24 pieces
Number of layers for each pallet: 6
Calculation units of each box: 6 pieces
Boxes for pallet: 144
Description of pallet protection: Stretch film.

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