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Ingredients: Wild fennel 60% , Sunflower oil.Antioxidant: Citric Acid.

Products without added colorings, preservatives and artificial flavors

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The paté of Casa Montalbano is a seasoning cream used to flavor meat or fish boiled meats. It can be used: as a cream to spread on canapés, bruschetta and breadsticks or to add a touch of flavor to your salads. The strong taste gives flavor and body to the dishes to which it is approached.

General product characteristics

Product name and designation: ideal as appetizer or side dish of roasted and braised.
Recommended method of preparation: Pour on and serve it as appetizer or sid dish.
Best before date (when packed): 24 months
Dispatch period: 20 days

Products without added colorings, preservatives and artificial flavors
* Seasonal product.
Product availability while stocks last.

Technical informations of the products

Tare for each unit in: 290g


Calculating units for each pallet: pieces
Boxes for each layer: 12 pieces
Number of layers for each pallet: 10
Calculation units of each box: 6 pieces
Boxes for pallet: 120
Description of pallet protection: Stretch film.

Additional information

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